Fabienne Redondi guides a change initiative for a small team

“Together, Let’s Make It (The New Organization) Work” was the topic of change. At the instigation of the Foundation Council, the leader of a small organization (10 employee) wished to be supported to optimize the relationships within the new organization. The Appreciative Inquiry took place over 4 months, through a series of 5 of half-day workshops. The team studied 4 development axes: the cooperation, the transmission of information, the respect for the roles and the risk-taking. 21 innovative propositions supporting the objectives were expressed. During the fifth workshop, facilitated through the World Café method, 10 projects were reviewed and enriched by the contributions of the whole group.

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement equipe organisation strategie 2014-09Example of a group work from the workshops:  Inspired by the World Café method, the exercise definitely broke the working habits. The optimized creativity and the cross-fertilization of the ideas allowed enriching 10 projects far beyond the expressed expectations, and in a very short period. The very innovative and unusual, modern and funny method was particularly appreciated by the participants.

June 9th 2015

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