Together, Let Us Be Proud: a major challenge in an industry experiencing a strong change

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement equipe métier 2014-03This commercial team of 30 people experiencing a period of strong change in their industry, wished to be accompanied during an off-site seminar. Thanks to the Appreciative Inquiry, the management, the team members and the numerous stakeholders worked in small-groups or all together during 2 consecutive days. At the end of the initiative, 5 major projects were identified and launched to implement the change: business development, communication, organization, well-being, recognition. The intervention was highly appreciated and considered to be a great success. A follow-up workshop was organized 3 months later to present the status of every projects, the on-going adjustments and the first tangible results.

March 29th 2014

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