On the way to 2017! A change initiative for a team of leaders facilitated by Fabienne Redondi

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement organisation equipe performance 2015-05 (2)At the instigation of the leader, 30 leaders and managers from an IT Department of an international company were invited to an off-site 2-day seminar in a ideal location to step back. The method (Appreciative Inquiry) aimed at accompanying the new organization grouping services that were previously separated. The team reflected on 3 critical questions: innovation – partnerships – optimization of the productivity. The 60 interviews and the work through small groups allowed the participants to quickly create the indispensable relationships to succeed together. They also identified innovative propositions supporting the expected change, among which a dozen of initiatives were highlighted and handled in the form of projects. Those projects were all implemented within the 3 months following the change management initiative.

May 2015

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