2017 Vision, an Appreciative Inquiry seminar facilitated by Fabienne Redondi

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement organisation equipe performance 2015-05Recently promoted Head of an IT department, a leader wished to organize a collective support for his management team. The aim was to create, thanks to the Appreciative Inquiry approach, the conditions to develop the offer, to reduce the deadlines, to foster innovation, to position the team as real partner to the internal customers, and to work in a optimal way with external partners. A non-consecutive 2-day off-site seminar including the 10 managers and the leader was organized in an idyllic place. The change management approach allowed to identify a shared vision supported by 20 innovative propositions and 7 pragmatic projects, and also to generate a strong group dynamics.

May 2015

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