Meet The Team

Jean-Luc Jaffard


Consultant & Advisor


Recognized for his energy and his ability to address complex situations, Jean-Luc excels in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the projects he is involved in and his ability to provide global analysis makes him a recommended partner. Talented in the integration of multidisciplinary elements, including strategic, business and technical dimensions, Jean-Luc has a proven track record in the transformation of new ideas into competitive solutions or products which is key to success.

A mastering of multicultural environments combined with a frank and direct approach enables him to be efficient with the most demanding partners.


Jean-Luc Jaffard has spent his entire career in the High Tech Industry. He started his career as an analogue integrated device designer, dedicated to the consumer market and then quickly moved to a Research and Development management position. From 1996, he paved the route of Imaging activity at STMicroelectronics. Therefore, a dedicated business organisation was created and he then occupied multiple management positions ending up as Deputy General manager of Imaging Division until 2010. From this date, he created and managed an operational business organisation to exploit the wide range of STMicroelectronics Intellectual Assets.

With strong interest in innovation, both from a commercial and a technological point of view, he created, in 2014 the Technology and Innovation Branch of Red Belt. His mission is to offer companies, his expertise in the optimisation of complex and innovative solutions, taking into account all the constraints of the positioning inside the value chain, to develop competitive products.



  • MSc Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Paris)  1979
  • Advanced management program (STMicroelectronics -internal)

Fabienne Redondi

Executive & Team Coach


Recognized for her energy, Fabienne is an expert in revealing the hidden potential in individuals and teams. She excels in the rapid clarification of complex situations, revealing unsuspected energies. Her dynamic yet respectful style, combined with her wide experience, ensure the most relevant support for the client. Her interpersonal skills and direct, frank approach mean that she works extremely well with demanding individuals.



Fabienne knows very well the business world and, in particular, the leaders’ concerns since she was among them for more than 20 years. Fabienne worked at executive level in industrial companies before she joined Red Belt in 2002, in Geneva. As a business coach, she coached more than one thousand leaders and managers, individually or in seminars.

In private practice, she also helped hundreds of people to improve their relations, manage the major changes they had to face, be more confident and get more fluidity in the various domains of their life.



Fabienne proposes coaching services to companies and individuals. Her warm and incisive coaching that creates the alliance and gently shakes up your reference frame will help you to overcome difficulties, succeed your projects or develop your capacities to meet the challenges of professional or private life.

Focus areas:

  • Leadership
  • Improving relationships, communication
  • Dealing with emotions, managing behaviours
  • Self-confidence, self-esteem
  • Clarifying difficult or complex issues
  • Managing changes, disturbances, breaks and crisis.


  • Certified in Appreciative Inquiry Certificate in Positive Business and Society Change, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University Cleveland (USA-2013)
  • Certified Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, ICI, Paris (France, 2011)
  • Certified Language & Behaviour Profile Consultant, London (UK, 2003)
  • Certified NLP Master Coach, Brief’R Formations, Geneva (Switzerland, 2005) & INLPTA International NLP Trainers Association (USA, 2003)
  • Master in International Management, SKEMA Business School (France, 1984)


  • Member of the WABC, Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
  • Member of the INLPTA, International NLP Trainers Association
  • Member of EMCC, European Mentoring & Coaching Council, France.