Fabienne Redondi facilitates a change project for a support team

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement metier equipe motivation 2014-09The project “Let’s commit together!” lasted 6 months. An Executive of a 1’500 employee company, wished to revise the way to work of one support function. The Appreciative Inquiry approach has been selected. Six members of the targeted team, including the manager, interviewed more than 75 people from all the sectors of the company, selected beforehand as representative sample. The team then collected and processed the data during 4 half-day workshops. 6 projects supporting the vision (external counsellors, positive communication, workbook of practices, thematic forums, legal monitoring, field visits) were implemented three months after the first workshop with the active collaboration of the internal stakeholders.

September 14th 2014

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