Fabienne Redondi : How to merge several teams in one? Oct. 2017-Jan. 2018

Team Coaching for an IT department.

Context. Fabienne’ s mission was to help the leader of a new team, created from the merge of several services, within an international watch-making company.

Objectives. How to merge several teams in one? The leader wished to create a recognized entity, to level the human resistances and to federate the new team around expanding projects of a common future.

Programme. “ Building Our Future All together! ” is a 2 phase programme. 7 working sessions with the leader, distributed over a period of 3 months, were necessary for the preparatory phase. Then a 2-day working seminar (1 day and 2 half-days) was the opportunity to put together the team, the leader and the stakeholders. 2 themes were approached during this seminar: (1) How to be a recognized entity? (2) How to be dynamic, opened to the evolutions and source of proposals?

Results. The participants identified a shared vision, then created a visual and playful representation of it. By the way, a suggestive name was found for the new entity. Then, through 5 axes of development (Exchanging our skills, Techno … Go! Conviviality and comfort, Organizing the work of future, MEP!), the participants selected the concrete projects which, according to them, were going to contribute to the double success of the new team and its operational objectives. Between the non-consecutive days of the seminar, they began to implement these projects.

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