Fabienne Redondi coaches the leadership team of a new production site – Oct. 2017- Feb. 2018

Team coaching for a Leadership Team

Context. Fabienne’ s mission was to help the Leadership Team of a new production site, subsidiary of an international biopharmaceutical company, leader in its domain.

Objectives. Increase team performance by fostering trust and collaboration between members, as well as innovation thinking.

Programme. “Driving the Future Together” is a 2-phase programme. The General Manager and the HR Head personally contributed to the phase 1 (preparation). 7 working sessions were necessary, distributed over a period of 3 months. In phase 2, the whole team and stakeholders involved in the success of the project were invited to a 2-day seminar, in an original, friendly and innovative place. They worked on 3 specific questions, in order to widen their range of possibilities and to allow them to clarify their strategy.

Results. The participants were able to develop a shared vision, strategic axes of development, considering both human and operational aspects. They also selected concrete projects to be quickly implemented, among which one “Promising Project” started just after the seminar.

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