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Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement dircetion brainstorming strategie 2015-06The topic was the 2017-2020 strategy. A brainstorming session dedicated to a management team was organized in the form of a half-day World Café session. Around 5 themes (Customers and stakeholders, Product & Services, Quality, Pricing, Technology, Processes and Quality), the participants thought about 3 specific questions. The cross-fertilization due to the association of an innovative and surprising method as well as the professional facilitation brought the participants to extremely fruitful sharing of ideas. The session was considered as a great success as some ideas were actually selected for the organisation’s strategy.

June 20th 20151313

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement organisation equipe performance 2015-05Recently promoted Head of an IT department, a leader wished to organize a collective support for his management team. The aim was to create, thanks to the Appreciative Inquiry approach, the conditions to develop the offer, to reduce the deadlines, to foster innovation, to position the team as real partner to the internal customers, and to work in a optimal way with external partners. A non-consecutive 2-day off-site seminar including the 10 managers and the leader was organized in an idyllic place. The change management approach allowed to identify a shared vision supported by 20 innovative propositions and 7 pragmatic projects, and also to generate a strong group dynamics.

May 2015

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement organisation equipe performance 2015-05 (2)At the instigation of the leader, 30 leaders and managers from an IT Department of an international company were invited to an off-site 2-day seminar in a ideal location to step back. The method (Appreciative Inquiry) aimed at accompanying the new organization grouping services that were previously separated. The team reflected on 3 critical questions: innovation – partnerships – optimization of the productivity. The 60 interviews and the work through small groups allowed the participants to quickly create the indispensable relationships to succeed together. They also identified innovative propositions supporting the expected change, among which a dozen of initiatives were highlighted and handled in the form of projects. Those projects were all implemented within the 3 months following the change management initiative.

May 2015

“Together, Let’s Make It (The New Organization) Work” was the topic of change. At the instigation of the Foundation Council, the leader of a small organization (10 employee) wished to be supported to optimize the relationships within the new organization. The Appreciative Inquiry took place over 4 months, through a series of 5 of half-day workshops. The team studied 4 development axes: the cooperation, the transmission of information, the respect for the roles and the risk-taking. 21 innovative propositions supporting the objectives were expressed. During the fifth workshop, facilitated through the World Café method, 10 projects were reviewed and enriched by the contributions of the whole group.

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement equipe organisation strategie 2014-09Example of a group work from the workshops:  Inspired by the World Café method, the exercise definitely broke the working habits. The optimized creativity and the cross-fertilization of the ideas allowed enriching 10 projects far beyond the expressed expectations, and in a very short period. The very innovative and unusual, modern and funny method was particularly appreciated by the participants.

June 9th 2015

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement metier equipe motivation 2014-09The project “Let’s commit together!” lasted 6 months. An Executive of a 1’500 employee company, wished to revise the way to work of one support function. The Appreciative Inquiry approach has been selected. Six members of the targeted team, including the manager, interviewed more than 75 people from all the sectors of the company, selected beforehand as representative sample. The team then collected and processed the data during 4 half-day workshops. 6 projects supporting the vision (external counsellors, positive communication, workbook of practices, thematic forums, legal monitoring, field visits) were implemented three months after the first workshop with the active collaboration of the internal stakeholders.

September 14th 2014

“Being the market leader in 3 years” is the challenge to meet. The leader of a small healthcare company, product of a recent carve-out, wanted to give an identity to the new structure and to federate the team around an ambitious project: becoming the world leader on the market within 3 years. The Appreciative Inquiry method was selected. A 2-day off-site seminar during which the twelve team members participated took place followed by a workshop 6 months later. From the 24 interviews, 8 projects supporting the envisaged future were implemented further to the 24 interviews and the various works carried out during the change initiative.

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement equipe carve-outExample of a group work from the seminar: The stimulating future is represented by a construction, which symbolizes every key-element of the shared vision. The team in a previous specific group work has identified this vision.

September 17th 2014

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement equipe métier 2014-03This commercial team of 30 people experiencing a period of strong change in their industry, wished to be accompanied during an off-site seminar. Thanks to the Appreciative Inquiry, the management, the team members and the numerous stakeholders worked in small-groups or all together during 2 consecutive days. At the end of the initiative, 5 major projects were identified and launched to implement the change: business development, communication, organization, well-being, recognition. The intervention was highly appreciated and considered to be a great success. A follow-up workshop was organized 3 months later to present the status of every projects, the on-going adjustments and the first tangible results.

March 29th 2014

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement strategie equipe performance 2012-09An off-site 2-day summit was organized with 36 employees of a department (bank industry). The aim was to reflect about the future of the new entity, to define outlines and to identify the development axes. The collaborators of both geographical sites were invited, at first separately then all together. The participants, including the top management, all presents and involved into the working groups, have considered the initiative as a great success. Many employees shared their hope in the future. They explained that it was the first time they had the opportunity to cooperate, as equal to the management, in order to envisage the future. Following this exercise, five major axes have been identified, and implemented through ten projects, within six months.

September 2012, March 2013

Redondi Fabienne Appreciativie Inquiry Red Belt changement performance 2011-09The IT and Operations Executive of a bank has to meet an ambitious challenge: How to have two departments work together when they previously were separated, even rival? A two consecutive day seminar covered all the phases of the change initiative. Based on appreciative interviews, the workshops was rich in discoveries for the team members who knew each other a little.  They allowed the 18 participants to identify a shared vision and about twenty proposals for the future. Thanks to this initiative, nine critical projects were launched and implemented.

September 2011