Fabienne Redondi drives a change initiative for a new entity

“Being the market leader in 3 years” is the challenge to meet. The leader of a small healthcare company, product of a recent carve-out, wanted to give an identity to the new structure and to federate the team around an ambitious project: becoming the world leader on the market within 3 years. The Appreciative Inquiry method was selected. A 2-day off-site seminar during which the twelve team members participated took place followed by a workshop 6 months later. From the 24 interviews, 8 projects supporting the envisaged future were implemented further to the 24 interviews and the various works carried out during the change initiative.

Redondi Fabienne Red Belt Appreciativie Inquiry changement equipe carve-outExample of a group work from the seminar: The stimulating future is represented by a construction, which symbolizes every key-element of the shared vision. The team in a previous specific group work has identified this vision.

September 17th 2014

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