Jean-Luc Jaffard has been appointed  Chairman of Semicon Europe Imaging & Sensors Summit at Grenoble, France (September 19th-21st, 2018)

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The SEMICON Europa technology and business program agenda addresses the critical issues and challenges facing the microelectronics industries and provides the information, education, and guidance that you need to move your innovations and products to market.

Team Coaching for an IT department.

Context. Fabienne’ s mission was to help the leader of a new team, created from the merge of several services, within an international watch-making company.

Objectives. How to merge several teams in one? The leader wished to create a recognized entity, to level the human resistances and to federate the new team around expanding projects of a common future.

Programme. “ Building Our Future All together! ” is a 2 phase programme. 7 working sessions with the leader, distributed over a period of 3 months, were necessary for the preparatory phase. Then a 2-day working seminar (1 day and 2 half-days) was the opportunity to put together the team, the leader and the stakeholders. 2 themes were approached during this seminar: (1) How to be a recognized entity? (2) How to be dynamic, opened to the evolutions and source of proposals?

Results. The participants identified a shared vision, then created a visual and playful representation of it. By the way, a suggestive name was found for the new entity. Then, through 5 axes of development (Exchanging our skills, Techno … Go! Conviviality and comfort, Organizing the work of future, MEP!), the participants selected the concrete projects which, according to them, were going to contribute to the double success of the new team and its operational objectives. Between the non-consecutive days of the seminar, they began to implement these projects.

Coaching d’équipe pour un département informatique.

Contexte. La mission de Fabienne était d’accompagner le responsable d’une nouvelle équipe, née d’un regroupement de plusieurs services, au sein d’une entreprise horlogère internationale.

Objectifs. Comment regrouper deux équipes en une seule ? Le responsable souhaitait créer une entité reconnue, aplanir les résistances humaines et fédérer la nouvelle équipe autour de projets porteurs d’un avenir commun.

Programme. « Tous ensemble, Construisons notre avenir ! » est un programme en 2 phases. 7 sessions de travail avec le responsable, réparties sur une période de 3 mois, ont été nécessaires pour la phase préparatoire.  Puis, un séminaire de travail de 2 jours (1 journée et 2 demi-journées) a été l’occasion de réunir l’équipe, le responsable et les parties prenantes indispensables à la réussite du regroupement. 2 thèmes ont été abordé durant ce séminaire : (1) Comment être une entité reconnue ? (2) Comment être dynamique, ouvert aux évolutions et force de propositions ?

Résultats. Les participants ont identifié une vision partagée, puis ont créé une représentation visuelle et ludique de celle-ci. Un nom évocateur a également été trouvé pour la nouvelle entité. Puis, à travers de 5 axes de développement (Echanger nos compétences, Techno…Go!, Convivialité et confort, Organiser le travail du futur, MEP !), les participants ont sélectionné les projets concrets qui, selon eux, allaient contribuer à la double réussite de la nouvelle équipe et de ses objectifs opérationnels. Entre les journées non-consécutives du séminaire, ils ont commencé à mettre en œuvre ces projets.

Team coaching for a Leadership Team

Context. Fabienne’ s mission was to help the Leadership Team of a new production site, subsidiary of an international biopharmaceutical company, leader in its domain.

Objectives. Increase team performance by fostering trust and collaboration between members, as well as innovation thinking.

Programme. “Driving the Future Together” is a 2-phase programme. The General Manager and the HR Head personally contributed to the phase 1 (preparation). 7 working sessions were necessary, distributed over a period of 3 months. In phase 2, the whole team and stakeholders involved in the success of the project were invited to a 2-day seminar, in an original, friendly and innovative place. They worked on 3 specific questions, in order to widen their range of possibilities and to allow them to clarify their strategy.

Results. The participants were able to develop a shared vision, strategic axes of development, considering both human and operational aspects. They also selected concrete projects to be quickly implemented, among which one “Promising Project” started just after the seminar.

Jean-Luc Jaffard participates to the workshop organised by IRlynx during the next Intelligent Building System exhibition, Paris – November 8-9, 2016
Workshop on November 8th at 2.30pm – How to characterise human activity to make buildings more intelligent : applications and benefits to operators and users.


Fabienne’ s mission was to help managers and teams to elaborate a roadmap while in a period of major changes. The unit just went through 3 periods of restructurings. The atmosphere was morose. The 3-phases programme 1) one interview of each of the 6 managers in charge of the unit, 2) a dedicated workshop to rebuild trust among them and to identify the questions that the BU had to arise to meet the targeted objective of competitiveness, 3) a collaborative seminar involving all the employees around those crucial questions. The programme helped managers and employees to mobilise towards common goals, to identify concrete initiatives supporting those goals and to start implementing them.

Noted expert in the Imaging industry, Jean-Luc Jaffard joined the Board of Directors of Irlynx start-up located in Grenoble, France. Irlynx offers a fully integrated sensor module capable to interpret human activities . The module is built around an innovative thermal infra-red technology.


As consultant and Advisor at Red Belt (Geneva) and a renowned authority on Imaging Technology and Applications, Jean-Luc Jaffard describes Actlight Time of Flight (ToF) technology as pretty remarkable bringing high level of performances and very dense integration.

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January 19th, 2016:

The noted expert on the imaging industry, and former ST Microelectronics executive, brings more than 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry and the imaging business to help guide Paris start-up in quest to commercialize first bio-inspired approach to computer vision
His role will be to work with the Chronocam executive team and board of directors to define and implement technical and business strategies that leverage Chronocam’s proprietary self-adapting approach to improving speed, dynamic range and power efficiency for vision-enabled applications.


Jean-Luc Jaffard has been appointed Chairman of Semicon Europe Imaging conference at Dresden, Germany (October 25-27, 2016)

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The SEMICON Europa technology and business program agenda addresses the critical issues and challenges facing the microelectronics industries and provides the information, education, and guidance that you need to move your innovations and products to market.
October 18, 2016